Have you ever asked yourself, “What can I do to make an impact in the fight against PH?” By creating a personal fundraising page, you rally the financial support of your friends and family and raise awareness about a disease that has impacted your life.

You are our best fundraiser
No one can do it alone: PH patients rely on and benefit from the help of family and friends, and, likewise, PHA Canada programs and the PH community benefit from your help.

Take Action and Start Fundraising
Online fundraising is for everyone, not just the tech-savvy. Creating your own personal fundraising page is quick and easy to do, simply click on the“create a personal page” button to your right.

Once your page is registered you will be able to set up (and edit) your personal page. You can personalize the page as little or as much as you would like, however we recommend sharing as much as you possibly can. Be sure to include your name (so people can find you), your photo, your personal story and any other information you would like in order to give your readers a better understanding of what you face each day. This is a great way not only to raise funds for the PH community, but also to increase awareness and educate others about this disease.

What type of Personal Pages are available?
You can create a Personal Page for yourself to support an activity in which you are participating (such as the 6-Minute Walk for Breath), to complement an event or milestone that you are celebrating, or simply to raise funds.

Family members, friends and caregivers also have the opportunity to set up their own tribute pages “In Honour” or “In Memory” of a loved one.  This is a great way to get involved and offer support or honour the memory of a loved one diagnosed with PH.

Getting Started

This is my first visit and I’m new to this… what do I do now?

Take a look at some of the pages created by our members to get ideas of what to do with your own page. We recommend the page called “Help Loretta Raise Funds for Pulmonary Hypertension”, which has been well customized and shares Loretta's personal journey.

Once you are ready to get started: click on the “create a page button” and follow the registration instructions. Remember to include your name somewhere on your page: you can do this in the registration form “page title” or later on once you are customizing your page.

Once your page is registered, use the participant centre to customize your page. The instructions for each step are on the screen and easy to follow.  Once you are registered the next time you come back to personal pages just click on the“login” button and you will be taken right to the participant centre.

In the participant centre you can:

  • Customize your page – click on this from the main participant centre page then click on "edit" to make changes, you can upload photos and video, and write your own story.
  • Page title – if you want to change the title of your page (you chose this when you registered) just click on “ My Account Settings“ at the top of your participant centre
  • In "My Account Settings", you can also create a customized URL for your page, to make it easier to share/find.

The participant centre has many great features:

  • You can create an address book and email friends and family directly from your page, you can also keep track of who has donated and send thank you notes and follow-ups.
  • You can also enter any offline donations you have received, to keep your fundraising thermometer growing. Just enter your donations and send us the cheques: it’s that simple.

We provide you with all the tools you need to personalize your page and get the word out. Communication tools within the participant centre help you drive people to your page to make donations and also enable you to track your progress. The possibilities are limitless.

How does PHA Canada use funds raised?

At PHA Canada, we want to ensure that the donations you give are being used for the benefit of the Canadian PH Community.  We are constantly working to keep our administrative and overhead costs as low as possible in order to ensure that funds raised support our community and go back to helping those living with PH. Funds raised for PHA Canada are currently allocated to programs which support the Canadian pulmonary hypertension community. Individuals may also choose to allocate funds to research in pulmonary hypertension. To learn more about how funds are used and about designating funds please follow this link.

What do I do if I have questions?

If you have any questions regarding setting up personal pages, or running your campaign contact the PHA Canada office at fundraising@phacanada.ca or by calling 604-682-1036.

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